Lemon, Mint and Cucumber Water

Peas Eat Well


All the water flavorings out there, Dasani, Crystal light, are filled with chemicals that you drink when you put them into your water! Flavor water the natural way and leave those harsh additives at the door. Cut up a lemon, some mint, and a couple slices of cucumber, let sit for a couple hours and boom! And not only does it taste delicious but it’s 100% healthy. The lemon helps flush the toxins from our body while keeping us refreshed and energized throughout the day!

Tip: Make sure to wash the lemon peel if you are placing it into the water, along with the mint and cucumber.

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The Journey to Perfection….


ImageGuess what? You will never arrive at your destination. No GPS in the world can figure out that route. And you will most definitely not enjoy the journey. Sounds like a waste of time doesn’t it? Then why, as women, are we still trying to make that trek.

Or, how many of you have given up trying anything at all that is exclusively focussed on just yourself??

As women (my work history is almost exclusively with women:) we still think we have to do more than we actually do when it comes to exercise.

‘Well I work full time. With the kids and all the other stuff, I just don’t have time to exercise…”

I am the GM at Goodlife Fitness in Brockville, Ontario. I get women started (or try to) on their fitness goals. I used to be a Personal Trainer there as well. I also teach Group Fitness. Now…

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Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator: Weight Loss Edition- Day 7

She Writes

Well it’s Monday again. It was manic as usual. I needed to run a bunch of errands and now I have some work to do.  I won’t be able to get a work out in today.  Usually I’d love the opportunity to be a slacker but my body actually wants to be in motion today. Go figure.

I haven’t written in a few days so I just wanted to cover the weekend.  I was very pessimistic about the “new” meds but I have to admit that I am feeling much better. The daily feeling of despair is slowly fading. I’m motivated and getting things done. My concentration has improved and my smiles and attitude are genuine. (I fake my way through a lot of days.)  I’m looking forward to feeling normal 95% of the time.

On Friday, Tiffany and I set out to do 5 miles. I don’t know why…

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This used to be me…

This top is too funny!

Diary of the OAF (old and fat)

But I do run!

I distinctly remember telling people the only reason I’d ever run was if someone was chasing me. I had forgotten about this until I found this photo on Facebook today. It really explains some of the looks and head turns I get when I’m running down my street.

I guess the truth is that something has been chasing me, an early death. So if you ever see me struggling running down the road, know that I’m doing my absolute best to stay ahead of the reaper.

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The 2013 Marine Corps Mud Run in Roanoke, VA

just a girl trying to have a baby

I have wanted to do this for several years. A group of work friends got together and finally knocked this out. I didn’t think it was that bad. The worst part for me was going up the Roanoke river for a short ways. You could walk/wade up it so you didn’t have to swim unless you tripped. The water temperature was straight cold. I want to do it again next year and see how fast I can do it. I think the 10% incline on the treadmill really helped me.  Overall, I didn’t think it was that bad. We might have finished dead last but WE FINISHED!!!!!


Here we are before we got all dirty. 


I found that “swimming” the mud was easier. I let my body float and used my arms. This really saved my knees. 


I’m still not sure how I managed to get through this with my…

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Hi everyone! I feel awesome! I have to tell you that 5 years ago I was feeling really tired and I barely had enough energy to keep up with my kids. I would start in the morning getting my kids up and starting breakfast for them sounds easy right? Not really when you have 4 growing teenagers. Especially 3 of them are involved in afterschool activities and their appetites are HUGE! So I would make them eggs and fruit. Until I found the Nutribullet! I love the nutribullet! All I do now is put fruit, vegetables, protein, powder and some water into the container and extract it with the nutribullet. SO EASY! I have found some great recipes that the entire family enjoys. It did get a little expensive because you are buying fruits and vegetables for the entire family every couple of days and that’s  not convenient.   I also include an ounce of NEVAEH VITAMINS. These vitamins taste DELICIOUS! I was very surprised. I had found that most liquid vitamins have such a terrible taste. However, NEVAEHVITAMINS my entire family LOVES! It is so easy to take no premixing just pour it into the cap and swallow it.  Honestly, it taste like a cranberry grape juice. I was looking for an outstanding multi vitamin and mineral supplement with antioxidants that I can take on the go. I think my children really notice the difference in their day  if they happen to miss a dose.  What I had noticed is that I no longer have migraines. I used to have migraines that would last for days and would have an episode at least 1 week out of the month. I do take care of my health and with this regimen i have more energy and I am able to keep up with my family’s crazy schedule.  The last time I had a migraine was about 9 months ago and I am no longer on medication for it. I also enjoy doing ZUMBA 4 times a week! This is how i got my name FITABULOUS TINA  lol! With my experience I have done some extensive research to find what will help me live a full quality of life and I believe I have found some pretty cool products. Oh, I love the nevaeh vitamins because it has Omega 3,6, 9 and CoQ10 plus prebiotics. Large savings for my family. I think we all know how expensive vitamins can get. Before I purchased my vitamins  I did review their testimonials and was pretty impressed. Like I say, ” Healthy Mind is a healthy heart, and a healthy body. ”   On my Next post, I will write about my skin care routine!